Food Import

Arrange delivery of any imported goods within 7 days
Search of the need product around the world and the organization of delivery to the client "turnkey"
Forwarding and delivery of goods from anywhere in the world
Registration of permits and certification of products
Storage of cargos and goods in the custody storage at our expense
The organization of terminal processing and customs clearance
Weekly deliveries under certain conditions (FCA, DAP, DAT EXW)

The service includes:

Import of nuts

Purchase of goods is carried out directly from the manufacturer with mandatory quality control.
- Walnut
- Pine nut
- Peanuts
- Almond
- Cashew nuts
- Hazelnut
- Pistachio

Import of dried fruits

- Prunes
- Pear
- Apricot
- Peach
- Raisin
- Fig
- Dates
- Apple

Import of Products

- Canned food
- Frozen fruit
- Frozen vegetables
Consider orders for other categories of food products at the request of our customers.
Availability of direct contracts with suppliers from more than 25 countries

Developed affiliate network

All products have quality certificate from the International Ecological Fund
Competitive prices
Thorough quality check
экспорт бобовых культур

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