Food Export

Available ready for shipment products
грецкий орех
экспорт льна

Export of grains

- Wheat
- Barley
- Corn
- Millet
- Sorghum
- Buckwheat

Export of pulses

- Chickpeas
- Green lentils
- Red lentils
- Pea
- Lupine
- Vika

Export of oilseed

- Safflower
- Black mustard
- Mustard white
- Yellow mustard sareptskaya
- Brown Flax Seeds
- Golden Flax Seeds
- Sunflower seeds
Direct contracts with 250 agricultural producers who grow and sell grains and oilseeds
Developed affiliate network
All products have quality certificate from the International Ecological Fund
Competitive prices
Thorough quality check
экспорт бобовых культур

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